Attending meetings and conventions you hear quite a few acronyms thrown around like everyone knows what they are. Here is your cheat sheet:

DNC – Democratic National Committee
The national umbrella organization for the Democratic party, made of an admin board, officials from various Democratic party groups, and officials from the state parties. Visit https://www.democrats.org/ for more info.


DNC – Democratic National Convention
The convention put on by the Democratic National Committee every four years to nominate presidential candidates. Yes, both of them will be called “the DNC” depending on context, which is truthfully really annoying.
DPW – Democratic Party of Wisconsin
What it says on the tin. Currently chaired by Martha Laning, and it’s website can be found at http://www.wisdems.org/.
2nd CD – 2nd Congressional District of Wisconsin
Could refer to either the entire congressional district (represented by Mark Pocan in the U.S. House of Representatives, or the 2nd Congressional District Democratic Party, currently chaired by Christine Welcher, http://2ndcdwisdems.org. Its current main function is to hold a yearly convention to organize the constituent county parties.
DCCC – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
This is the national organizing body for Democratic campaigns for the House of Representatives. They recruit candidates and staffers for the campaigns, fundraise, and coordinate resources between states and regions.